Kampfdrohnen-Waffengeschäft zwischen Nobelpreisträger Obama und Nobelpreisträger Europa

Berichte zu den Umständen der unlauteren Verkaufsabgebote:

Opposition im Bundestag:

Hier ein interessantes Detail des Geschehens in einem dpa Bericht:

Two top German ministers had to cool their heels on board their official government plane for an hour this weekend while US immigration agents decided whether to allow the rest of their delegation into the country, it was revealed Monday.

German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich are in Washington this week to discuss terrorism, security and the way forward in Afghanistan.

But when their plane landed, increasingly strict US immigration officials paid special attention to the immigration papers of the delegation.

According to protocol, the two ministers would have been allowed to disembark without any problem. But they did not want to leave the plane without their fellow travellers.

The two men accepted the nearly one-hour delay with equanimity.

“The US officials did their job, we just had to wait a little,” de Maiziere‘s spokesman, Stefan Paris, said Monday, the day after they arrived. “It‘s totally OK, and no reason to get excited.”


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