Dear friends, for the past couple of days I have been in the remote Pakistani-Afghan border region in search of the truth concerning the drone war.

The “Hellfire” rocket, which I hold in my hands, was fired on August 23, 2010 by a U.S. drone which fired upon Afghan refugees who had fled to Miranshah in North Waziristan . According to a Pakastani journalist who was present during the attack, a total of 24 civilians were killed during the 2 concurrent drone strikes. Among the dead were mainly women and children. Also, the sister of Jalaludin Haqqani, she had been teaching at the local school for the past two years. Not a single terrorist was killed and there weren’t any in the vicinity.

Nevertheless, U.S government circles alleged that the drone-strike killed 24 terrorist of the Haggani terror network. In my next post from Pakistan, I will report the story of a child who was killed in the attack.

According to the lawyers of the prestigious ” Foundation For Fundamental Rights ” well over 90 percent, of the approximately 3,500 Pakistani drone-strike victims, were civilians. 190 of them were children. Only 1-3 percent of those killed were militants. Today I had a long conversation with Fahim, a 20 year-old student- who was severely injured during a drone strike four years ago. He lost six family members. And his right eye.

Even today the Predator drones are flying above his village in North Waziristan. Their buzzing terrifies the children. Fahim turns pale as he recalls his story “the worst thing is the helplessness, the utter helplessness” he says quietly.

The most recent drone attack in the Hindukush occurred two weeks ago. The number of drone attacks in Pakistan is currently on the decline. However the drone terror follows the militants. And they are moving to Yemen, Somalia and Syria. Their total number is not declining but rising. Also, drone wars are terror breeding programs.

Each week, the U.S. president at the White House signs off the so-called ” Kill List”. It is compiled by the CIA. Hand in hand with the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germany . Does the German constitution not apply in Ramstein? Is Germany’s conscience in the drone-war really still clean?

Here in the Pakastani border region I have seen gruesome photographs of children who became victims of drone attacks. I will discuss this in my next post.

We have to stop these high-tech killings. The fact that U.S bases in Germany are a part of this is completely unacceptable. This has to end.



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