USA: Ankündigung Global Action Day 4.Okt. (mit Bericht aus Berlin)

Spring Action Days (USA)
Campaign Bulletin #16
Weekly Bulletin #16; May 24, 2014


As some of you know, the week of Oct. 4 – 11 will be a particular time to focus on ending drone attacks and drone surveillance.

Medea Benjamin and CODEPINK are in communication with organizers in the United Kingdom and Germany on an Oct. 4 Global Day of Actions Against Drones and will be developing actions with organizers in the U.S.

Elsa Rassbach, reports from Germany:

“In Berlin our theme for October 4th will be something like ‘Fly Kites Not Drones: Against Use of Drones for Killing and Surveillance.’

“We’ll make this a day for families to fly kites and protest together at simultaneous actions in different boroughs in Berlin.  We’ll provide simple kites, all in one color, on which people can paint their individual messages.  I’ve attached the first version of a poster we’ll likely use. (See below.) Other slogan suggestions we’ve had are: ‘We demand drone-free skies’ or ‘Restore drone-free skies.’


“Global Action Day has been endorsed by the nationwide German Drone Campaign, and actions will take place throughout Germany on October 4th. Likely many of them will use the kite theme. People here like that the idea began in Afghanistan.

We may also decide to use Global Action Day to formally submit the petition for which we’ve been gathering signatures since 2013:  “No Combat Drones.” (See:

And in Berlin we are in addition exploring the feasibility of using October 4th to introduce a resolution to the Berlin City Council to “Make Berlin a Drone-Free Zone.”  (We’re inspired by the local resolution efforts in the US, such as in New York, and we think the kites make a good image to go along with such a resolution.)”

Oct. 4 is also the beginning of the international week of action being organized by the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

Bruce Gagnon, Secretary/Co-ordinator for the Global Network, in encouraging organizing for the week


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