Guardian: UK Reaper drones to be sent to Africa and Middle East, says UN official

Rapporteur says MoD has no wish to bring squadron of unmanned aircraft back to Britain after Afghan campaign ends

Auszüge aus dem Artikel:

…Speaking about where the UK’s drones will be based, Emmerson said: “My understanding is that the plan is to deploy them to parts of Africa and the Middle East where they can be used for surveillance … over a wide range of territory [in conflicts] where one party is a jihadist group.

“The way the matter has been explained to me by senior sources close to the MoD, the current plan for the drones is Africa and the Middle East, where they can be quickly deployed into situations of tension.”

The drones could be based in countries such as Nigeria or Djibouti, he suggested. “I would be surprised if they were not thinking about returnees from Syria so they can monitor the axis of jihadist violence,” he said.

…International concern over the impact of armed drones is growing. Last month, the European Union parliament passed a motion condemning their use “outside the international legal framework”, and called for a common EU position.

Siehe auch von Chris Cole (Drone Wars UK):

Where’s the democratic consent for using British drones in Africa?
There has been no public debate about redeploying drones used in Afghanistan – and requests for information are simply being refused


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