Israel and the Drones Wars

Israel and the Drones Wars
Examining Israel’s production, use and proliferation of UAVs

Israel and the Drone Wars examines Israel’s growing production, use and proliferation of military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) commonly known as drones. Israel is one of only three countries (along with the US and the UK) that have used armed drones in conflict.

In many ways, Israel has led the way in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in military conflict, with its development and use of UAVs going back at least four decades. Israel’s persistent use of surveillance drones over Gaza is without precedent and has a serious and detrimental impact on the lives of ordinary Palestinians. Israel’s use of armed drones in Operation Pillar of Defence, the November 2012 military offensive into Gaza, appears to be the first major military incursion not to use ground forces at all and sets a precedent for military intervention.

Drone Wars UK research has discovered that about fifty countries out of the more than seventy known to have some form of military UAV capability have received drones or drone technology transfers from Israel. Indeed it could be said that if you scratch any drone you will likely find Israeli technology underneath.

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