Medea Benjamin talks “Drone Warfare” – Voice of Russia

Since 2001, unmanned aircraft have become a larger and larger part of America’s arsenal. Republican George W. Bush started using drones for targeted killings, but it is Democratic President Barack Obama who has made drones an integral part of the ongoing war on terror. Obama has dispatched drones for hundreds of attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Defenders say drones allow U.S. forces to eliminate terrorists with greater precision and less loss of life. Critics say drone warfare makes war easier for the attacker, but wreaks havoc on the lives of the people on the ground, resulting in the illegal deaths of countless civilians, including several American citizens.

One of the most prominent of those critics spoke to VOR’s Justin Mitchell. Her name is Medea Benjamin. She is the co-founder of the activist groups CODEPINK and Global Exchange. She just re-released her book Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control with Verso Press.

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