London: Anti-drones march from Downing Street to US embassy

Anti-Drones March
Saturday 23 November 1.00pm – 4pm
March from Downing Street to US Embassy
Grosvenor Square London W1A 2LQ

Members and supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (the Pakistani political party headed by Imran Khan) in the UK have planned a march from 10 Downing Street to the US Embassy in London to raise their voice against violations of human rights and sabotaging the peace process through talks and to demand an end to further war crimes through US drones strikes in Pakistan.

US drone attacks have resulted in deaths of innocent civilians and extra judicial killings of suspected militants in Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan. These attacks violate human rights, are classed as a ‘war crime’ by the UN and violate Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Amnesty International stated in its recent report (Will I be next?’ US drone strikes in Pakistan) that Pakistan government sources confirm the US has launched 330 to 374 drone strikes in Pakistan between 2004 and September 2013. According to these sources, between 400 and 900 civilians have been killed in these attacks and at least 600 people have been seriously injured with life changing injuries.

The PTI has been very vocal regarding its opposition of drone attacks in Pakistan since they first started in 2004. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) believes that drones are not only in violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, they are also a major hurdle for the way to peace & stability within Pakistan.

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