Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance Washington DC, November 16-17

The peace group CODEPINK, progressive think-tank Institute for Policy Studies, and The Nation Magazine are hosting a second drone summit titled “Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance” in Washington, DC.

On Friday, November 16th, we are bringing together drone survivors and families of victims from Pakistan and Yemen, human rights advocates, lawyers, authors, social media experts, technology experts, artists and musicians, and grassroots activists.

Opening remarks: By Dr. Cornel West.
Time: 9:00 am to 6:30 pm
Location: Georgetown Law Center, Hart Auditorium

The program will include:

Opening Remarks by Dr. Cornel West
Victims’ Testimonies: Honoring Voices, Acknowledging Lives
Drone Operators: Commanding the Machines
From Planes to Killer Robots: The Changing Face of Warfare
I Spy: Drones and the Surveillance State
Compensation: Helping with Loss
Global Action to Regulate Drones: The United Nations and the International Movement
Creative Resistance to Drone Warfare: Performances, Art and Poetry From Around the World at Busboys & Poets


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