Fünf in Anti-Drohnen Blockade bei Beale Stützpunkt in Kalifornien verhaftet

Die AktivistInnen haben u.a. versucht, einen Brief an den Kommandeur der Drohnen-Basis zu übergeben.  Unter den Forderungen siehe Punkt ): ein Verbot des Verkaufs und des Verteilens von Drohnen-Technologie an andere Länder, um die Verbreitung dieser bedrohlichen Gefahr für den Weltfrieden, die Freiheit und die Sicherheit zu verhindern.
Hot off the presses!

Five Arrested Protesting Drones at Beale AFB
Early Tuesday; 2-Hour Blockade Prevents Hundreds
of Military Personnel From Entering Drone Support Base

MARYSVILLE/BEALE AFB – Five people were eventually arrested around 8 a.m. this morning after dozens of anti-drone demonstrators blocked the entrance to Beale Air Force Base for hours, resulting in hundreds of vehicles being prevented from entering the base.

Exclusive video:

The CHP had to be called in to clear traffic which had lines of hundreds of cars in several directions after peace advocates from Sacramento, San Francisco, Nevada City and as far away as Fresno protested President Obama’s U.S. killer drone program.

Those arrested were briefly held on misdemeanor charges, which could result in six months in jail if convicted in federal court. In a similar action, 31 people were arrested at Hancock Air Base in Syracuse, NY Monday.


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