[Independent] Behind the use of drones is a complacent belief that murdering Muslims is always justifiable

Millions of irreproachable Muslims are bewildered and enraged by this global vendetta which seems determined to annihilate modernism, occidental values, and also to destabilise some of the poorest and most hapless of nation states for reasons not made clear at all.


[Guardian] Drones on the doorstep – RAF Waddington

The setting for the first drone command centre on UK soil may be incongruous – RAF Waddington, with the medieval towers of Lincoln cathedral visible in the distance – but the disjunction is not a new one.

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[warisacrime.org] Anti-Drone Protest in the German Parliament

Three women and one man from the Berlin Peace Coordination intervened yesterday during the parliamentary debate in Berlin regarding possible German acquisition of weaponized drones. The anti-drone activists, who are co-founders of the campaign “No Combat Drones!,” sought to call attention the gravity of the upcoming decision by the German government, either for or against weaponized drones, in light of the growing international struggle to ban such weapons.