American anti drone activity in Rome

Say No to Drone Warfare! No to Endless War! – No to Rampant Global Military

Join us at a Sit-in:
Sunday, April 14th between 5 and 7 pm
In Piazza del Colosseo, next to the Metro B Colosseo exit

We will be calling for an end the targeted killings, drone strikes and assassinations
policy of the U.S. government. A March and Rally at the White House are being held on
Saturday, April 13th and there will other anti-drone warfare actions across the country.

More than 5,000 people, including many civilians and an untold number of children,
have been killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and
elsewhere in the last few years. The U.S. president now has the right to assassinate
anyone – including U.S. citizens. Every Tuesday, the president and two dozen advisors
secretly meet and review names, and the president selects a “kill list” of those who will
be assassinated. This practice violates international and U.S. law and is unacceptable!
We will also be marking GDAMS (Global Day Against Military Spending)

Join us in Rome for a sit-in by the Colosseum to call for:
o an end to targeted and unlawful killings with drones; no more illegal, secret “kill lists”
o major cuts to military spending globally so that funds can be reallocated to address
human needs and current crises
We will be handing out informative flyers, encouraging passers by to sign related
petitions and will also be featuring improvised, live music!
Come by on Sunday any time between 5pm and 7pm – each extra voice really does make
a difference!

U.S.Citizens for Peace & Justice – Rome

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