Drohnen – Pressespiegel

Drohnen auf dem Vormarsch
Drohnen spielen in der Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitspolitik eine immer größere Rolle – auch bei der Bundeswehr. Für die Lenker der unbemannten Fluggeräte ist ihre Aufgabe oftmals belastend.

Rösler fordert ethische Debatte über Drohnen-Ankauf

“Spieler ersetzt Kämpfer”
Im Gespräch Die Drohne verändert das Bild vom Krieg. Als Waffe postheorischer Gesellschaften spiegelt sie unser Wesen, sagt der Politologe Herfried Münkler

Cassidian baut Drohnen zur Beobachtung und nicht zum Angriff
Sie schwirren durch die Medienlandschaft: Drohnen. Während sich Politiker für die Anschaffung einer europäischen Kampfdrohne stark machen, berichtet Hersteller Cassidian viel lieber von den zivilen Einsätzen.

Textiler Schutz vor Drohnen – Die Klamotte zum Verstecken
Für den Kampf gegen Big Brother haben der Designer Adam Harvey und seine Kollegin Johanna Bloomfield eine extravagante Kollektion entworfen: „Stealth Wear“.

Österreich liefert Drohnen an Südkorea
Außenministerium äußerte Bedenken, Wirtschaftsministerium sieht keinen Grund zum Eingreifen

France ‘to buy US drones’
Paris is reportedly mulling the purchase of the US-made surveillance Reaper drones in a bid to grow its military capabilities, according to a French defence ministry source.

Drones take toll on mental health
After nine friends and relatives were killed in a US drone strike four years ago, Mohammed Fahim took tranquilizers to blot out the nightmares.
The 19 year-old is one of a growing number of Pakistanis living in the tribal areas on the Afghan border who has suffered from conditions related to depression, anxiety and other mental health problems because of war.

The Trouble With Drones
The Obama administration has floated a plan to shift drone operations from the Central Intelligence Agency to the military. This is supposed to make targeted killings of suspected terrorists more transparent and accountable, but so far it looks as if it would be a marginal improvement.

Targeted Killing Comes to Define War on Terror
When Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, was taken into American custody at an airport stopover in Jordan last month, he joined one of the most select groups of the Obama era: high-level terrorist suspects who have been located by the American counterterrorism juggernaut, and who have not been killed.

A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood
Nek Muhammad knew he was being followed. On a hot day in June 2004, the Pashtun tribesman was lounging inside a mud compound in South Waziristan, speaking by satellite phone to one of the many reporters who regularly interviewed him on how he had fought and humbled Pakistan’s army in the country’s western mountains. He asked one of his followers about the strange, metallic bird hovering above him.

Illinous lawmaker proposes controls on drones
Police uses limitless, at risk of losing privacy
At the start of what could be a new era in police surveillance, an Illinois legislator is proposing a limit on how law enforcement agencies can use drones — highly sophisticated, unmanned aircraft that authorities are eyeing for aerial surveillance.


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