NYC April 3 – Protest against the US-policy of drone strikes abroad

Please join our protest against the US-policy of drone strikes abroad which have a high incidence of “collateral damage,” killing numbers of innocent civilians.  The event will be held in front of Rockefeller Plaza on the west side of 5th Ave. between 49th and 50th Sts. from 5 to 6 p.m.

All local peace granny groups — Grandmothers Against the War; The Granny Peace Brigade; Grandmothers for Peace; Raging Grannies — along with most of New York’s anti-war organizations, will participate in the action, and it is expected to be a huge rally.

Principal speakers include Col. Ann Wright, tireless world traveler for peace and lauded for her retirement from the diplomatic corps immediately upon the U.S. invasion of Iraq; Nick Mottern, journalist and editor of KnowDrones, and Bill Gilson, President of Veterans for Peace NYC Chapter 34.  There will also be song — the Raging Grannies will sing their original anti-drone songs.

“We must stop preying on other nations with these immoral lethal weapons,” said Joan Wile, Coordinator of Grandmothers Against the War.  “The war against terrorism cannot be justification for using killer drones that often miss their targets and result in the deaths of children and other innocents.  It is unthinkable that our nation, the so-called beacon of democracy, orders an anonymous person sitting in front of a screen to press a button that launches death and destruction to people thousands of miles away.  We are acting as accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner.  Where is due process?”

Our drones rain down on at least five countries – Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  It is important to realize that war has not officially been declared against these nations.

It is hoped that the April 3 rally on crowded Fifth Avenue will alert the many passers-by to what our government is doing in our name and inspire citizens to demand an end to the regrettable drone policy.

This action is endorsed by the following:  Military Families Speak Out; the Granny Peace Brigade; War Resisters League; Pax Christi Metro New York; Grandmothers for Peace International; Raging Grannies; Veterans for Peace Chapter 34 (NYC); Peace Action Manhattan; World Can’t Wait; Peace Action of Staten Island; Code Pink NYC, Women for Peace; Peace Action New York State; Institute for Policy Studies-New Internationalism Project; Brooklyn for Peace; Gray Panthers; The LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives; Western New York Peace Center.


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