For the Glory of What? Drones, Israel, and the Eclipse of Democracy by NORMAN POLLACK

Murder,  she said; No, not the popular song, not Brecht’s Arturo Ui (rhymes with phooey), not Chicago’s SouthSide gangland variety, but the real stuff of modern times: cold-blooded, methodical, depraved, the peculiar mix of militarism-ideology-practical realism, in a word, the psychopathology of power, whose profile only the modal serial killer would ideally fit–the overkill mentality and practice, to prove one’s superiority, muscularity (as opposed to national “softness”), powers of intimidation against the weaker, contempt for humankind, and therefore, deep-down, contempt for human life, including one’s own; I mean therefore OFFICIAL violence as practiced by nations, leaving the opposition, as here, either vaporized (US armed drones for political assassination, under Team Obama) or buried deep under rubble (Israeli military attacks in Gaza); a national policy of terror, disproportionate force, women, children, sometimes infants under one-year-old, in the crosshairs, impunity combined with immunity.  You get the picture.  America and Israel, joined at the hip of international war crimes.

Read the whole article here


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